Play Aviator at Instantpay Casino

Play Aviator at Instantpay Casino

Before diving into the Aviator game at Instantpay, it's essential to grasp the platform's interface and complete your registration. Despite its popularity as a gambling venue, Instantpay often encounters state-imposed blocks, necessitating the use of alternative access sites known as mirrors. For seasoned players, however, these interruptions scarcely diminish the site's accessibility; the user interface remains intuitive, and the gaming assortment rivals that of top-tier online casinos.

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Step-by-Step Registration Guide

  1. Initiating Registration: To begin, downloading Instantpay’s app might require a VPN depending on your country—fortunately, this is a common tool for many users today. The registration is straightforward and brief. Look for the conspicuous red “Registration” button at the top right of the homepage and click it.
  2. Entering Your Details: A new window will prompt you to input your email (ensure it’s active), select your preferred currency (the U.S. dollar is a reliable choice), and optionally provide a phone number.
  3. Advancing the Process: Press the NEXT button to proceed.
  4. Completing Your Profile: The following stage involves filling in personal details: first and last name, date of birth, country, city, address, and zip code. Note that some countries might not be listed.

First-time Deposit Bonuses

Upon funding your account, the transaction processes instantaneously, and you are immediately eligible for a welcoming bonus, which includes:

  • Direct Match: 100% of your initial deposit, up to a $75 match in my experience.
  • Free Spins: 100 free spins distributed at a rate of 20 per day.
  • Wagering Requirement: The bonus comes with a wagering obligation of x50, facilitating swift utilization.

Given that the maximum bonus for the first deposit caps at $100, it is prudent to deposit no more than this amount to maximize potential benefits. There’s an additional bonus for second deposits available to VIP clients, a tier I have yet to reach.

Rules of the Aviator Crash Game

The online casino’s array of games is impressively vast, to the point where one could easily feel overwhelmed. My objective was clear: to delve into the Aviator game. To locate this particular game featuring an airplane, I utilized the search box situated at the screen’s top left corner, which proved to be invaluable.

It is essential to grasp new game rules before diving in. Fortunately, both the online casino and Aviator’s creators have anticipated this need. An orange button marked with a question mark and labeled “How to play?” is positioned at the top right of the interface. Clicking this reveals a tutorial video, which efficiently clarifies gameplay.

I opted to succinctly explain playing Aviator for real money at Instantpay, to highlight how even straightforward games can unleash a whirlwind of excitement—a cherished aspect of gambling experiences. The rules are refreshingly straightforward, and I grasped them swiftly upon logging into Aviator at Instantpay. The gameplay begins with a predetermined bet, set using a designated button. As the airplane commences its flight, the initial coefficient is 1.0x, escalating with each passing second, thereby increasing potential winnings. Players can end the betting at any moment; however, if not done timely, the airplane may take off, abruptly ending the game and taking any unsecured funds with it.

More specifics: Betting is only permissible during the “Waiting for a new round” display. Below the game board, two identical buttons facilitate placing dual bets. The top of the play area displays the last ten outcomes where the airplane departed prematurely. The default bet starts at $1, but adjustments are possible in $0.1 increments, with this figure also representing the minimum stake.

What else to say about Aviator at Instantpay

Engaging in Aviator at Instantpay, I quickly grew weary of the monotonous task of button pressing. This prompted me to explore a different facet of the game. Positioned above each game button are switches marked “Bet” and “Auto.” Activating the “Auto” function unveils an “Auto Play” setting, complete with an “Auto Cashout” toggle. This feature lets you preset a multiplier at which your winnings automatically withdraw, streamlining gameplay significantly.

Here’s a practical overview of how it functions:

  • I initiated with a modest wager of $0.5 and activated the auto play on both controls.
  • For the first control, I set the payout multiplier to 1.45, and for the second, an optimistic 2.2, deeming it a strategic move.
  • Bets were placed as we awaited the start of a new round.
  • The mechanism is straightforward: once the aircraft hits the 1.45 multiplier, the first button secures a win of $0.725. Should it soar to 2.2, the second button captures a win of $1.1.
  • A disrupted flight with a multiplier below 1.45 results in a total loss. Between 1.45 and 2.2, only the first bet pays out, cushioning any potential financial disappointment. Above 2.2, both bets pay, doubling the winnings.

Monitoring your bankroll is effortless, thanks to the deposit display in the upper right corner of the interface. This visibility allows for immediate strategy adjustments should the approach prove less fruitful than anticipated.

For those keen to delve into the nuances without financial risk, Instantpay offers a complimentary version of Aviator. However, the thrill of real-money play is unmatched. The platform also provides an unlimited demo mode across its range of gambling activities, perfect for familiarizing oneself with the user interface.

Additionally, the game window hosts a menu in the upper right corner where players can customize sound, music, and animations, review the game rules, betting history, limits, and winnings—an essential toolkit for any serious player.

For convenience, download the Aviator application directly from Instantpay, or the mobile version for Android, enabling seamless gameplay from anywhere at any time.

Top strategies for playing Aviator 2024

Possessing considerable experience, I seldom delve into discussions about achieving staggering monetary gains, though I must admit that playing Aviator on Instantpay proves quite effective for modest earnings. Each player crafts a strategy tailored to their own emotional, mental, and analytical strengths.

Here are the principles I steadfastly apply:

  • Avoid high-risk bets. In Aviator, this translates to steering clear of odds beyond 1.5x, where loss probabilities escalate sharply.
  • I set a fixed bet of $0.5 before each game, aiding swift adjustments to strategies that falter, without resorting to the perilous Martingale method, which can deplete a deposit swiftly.
  • I test my strategy across numerous bets, accepting that constant wins are unattainable. The goal is sustained profitability and securing gains before any downturn.
  • Most importantly, I engage in the game for enjoyment and excitement, the same I wish for you.

Let’s explore some strategies that have yielded both experience and success:

  • Low Odds Strategy: This basic strategy involves cashing out when odds hover around 1.1-1.2x. After testing this for 20 rounds multiple times with an unwavering $0.5 bet, I observed a minor loss of $1.
  • Long Flight, Low Bet Strategy: When low odds falter, aiming for higher ones becomes an option. I reduced the bet to $0.2 and targeted odds of at least 10. Implementing Auto Play ensured my timing remained disciplined, although this strategy led to a $0.4 loss over 20 rounds, possibly due to an insufficient number of games.
  • Optimal Odds Selection: After experimenting, I adopted a more scientific method by reviewing betting histories and calculating average odds over three sets of 20 bets, which averaged around 3.5x. Setting the odds to 3.3x and reverting to a $0.5 bet, I engaged Auto Play and enjoyed the process, netting a $0.5 profit in 20 rounds.
  • Combination Betting: Utilizing both betting buttons, I set each bet at $0.5, capturing odds at 1.5x on one and 3.3x on the other, based on calculated averages. This strategy earned me $1.5 over 20 rounds. The first button mitigates significant losses, while the second captures higher gains, effectively balancing out the occasional losses at minimal odds.

These principles and tactics not only bolster my approach but also provide a structured framework for engaging with the game in a methodical yet enjoyable manner.


I found the game thoroughly engaging! The desktop version and Aviator mobile app on Instantpay delivered a seamless gaming experience. The simplicity of the rules belies the depth of strategic options available, each potentially paving the way to victory. The thrill of observing the rising odds, especially when controlling the game manually, was intensely gripping. I must note, after meeting the wager requirements of the bonus, I successfully executed a withdrawal to my Skrill wallet—everything functioned flawlessly.

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